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Tai Ki Kenpo
Tai Ki ken or Great Ki Boxing is a universal oriental 'fighting art', devellopped by headmaster Sawai Kenichi. Because of it's Chinese wushu (Yi-Chuan) and Japanese budo-background it forms an unique blend of nei-chia (internal) and wai-chia (external) -Budo.

TaiKi stimulates our personal and universal 'yuan-chi'...which can only be experienced and devellopped by personal ki-training.
Under guidance of a good teacher one can learn how to move, feel, think and act spontaneously and freely....in order to stay healthy, move like a master and defend yourself adequately.

Let us first make clear our aims where we go for in TaiKi:

We want students -under good guidance- to learn how to develop and use their yuan-chi, in order to master it and:
o through TaiKiKen Ki-training we want to achieve and sustain a good mental and physical health and fitness ( Chi kung /Yang Sheng kong)

o to learn the correct use and control of our ‘yuan-chi'
in every day life as well in the fighting arts
o to move finally without hindrances and spontaneously in the Tai-Ki way of moving (mastermoving)
o to be able to act, move, feel and think free without
hindrances and to be able to express our intentions optimally (Yi-training) and to be fully ourself
o Tai-Ki-Kenpo wants to be a means towards personal growth and personality education
o to be able to defend oneself adequately and be able to fight efficiently (budo and wushu aspects)
o with Tai Ki we want to deepen the insight in the own martial culture especially and deepen the insight in and make transfer to other (martial) cultures in general.

As given to me by master Sawai Kenichi as his direct student since 1967 and appointed Kyoshi Master-Teacher and TaiKiKen Hanshi.

TaiKiKen Ken-jutsu

TaiKiKen Ken-jutsu
the use of the Ken leads to ulitmate precision and tuning of your actions. Just like in TaiKi

Intn.FEKAM KarateTeachers Seminar France 24-25 march 2012

Intn.FEKAM KarateTeachers Seminar France 24-25 march 2012
Daan Dirkson: When it was not expected at all, our dear Kyosi got surprised by sensei Gruss' initiative to honor him. We just saw 20+ karateka's got their certificate for 2th dan and up to even 8th dan, when monsieur Gilbert et le president de Fédération Européenne de Karaté Do et d'Arts Martiaux Traditionnels invited our unsuspecting teacher to grant him with a ninth dan certificate. They saved the very best for last! Congratulations Sensei Kallenbach! Sensei Gruss and Sensei Kallenbach are old opponents but became good friends and stayed in contact all those years. Both with great Budo heart and mind have made a indelible contribution to the world of Martial Arts, hence the award to our Sensei during this special event. Over 230 karate teachers and assistant teachers joined together in Amberieu en Bugey near Lyon to train with Sensei's Gruss, Bigot and Kallenbach. Different lectures were given to inspire the mainly black belt Karateka's from 8 different country's (France, Netherlands, Morocco, Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Algeria and Canada), varied by a live Budo-paint session and a Japanese drum show. The contribution of our Tai Ki ryū was very well received and created new possibilities for many of the participants in the way they look at movement in general and move in their Martial Art in specific as they told us in their feedback afterwards. This was also due to their own openness and great effort they put in to this weekend. Combined with very nice weather and a great organization this Seminaire des Professeurs d'Arts Martieux was a great success and a honor for me to be a part of. Thank you Jan. I will post some pictures for illustration. Onegai Shimasu, — with Jan Kallenbach.


Mrs. Wang Yu Fong passed away on 14th of March 2012.

We got news from ANYDA and Jeanluc Lesueur sensei mrs. Wang Yu Fong has passed away recently on the 14th of March and at 92 years of age.

Like many other older Chinese m.a. masters and continuing in the footsteps of her famous father O-sensei Wang Chang Zhai - called China's National Fist-  she has known her hardships. Especially during the Mao regime, when during an attack by young red radical Mao followers a gang tried to rob the house and tried to molest her. She defended herself and the house bravely and made the gang withdraw, but got hurt so severly in one kneejoint...she always kept problems.
She was a brave and open women and we could talk with her frankly.

We had met her already before in France when she came teaching Yi-Chuan at Jeanluc Lesueur's dojo. We visited her later in 2003 at her home in Beijing, when we went there to make a movie about the martial arts and its practitioners. See the interesting movie made by Eline Flipse called 'Eat your Enemy' (uitg. Boeddhistische Omroep Ned.) ...in which several other special teachers were interviewd and depicted also, like master Li Yuan Ju and Otake Risuke.
Still a handsome lady with a cerain dignity, she spoke frankly with me about our roots...like the challenge master Sawai had with her father...and how Sawai sensei became his student and frequented the Wang family.
She knew everything well about this period and     spoke begninantly about Sascha san (Sawai sensei) and how he supplied them with food, when there was a crying shortage.
Anyhow a relieving sound for me hearing all this from somebody so close...especially as many modern Chinese m.a. people mostly show a tendency to describe sensei in a negative way!

We stayed a whole day with her and the Yi-chuan group, who invited us for lunch together.
A good and very inspiring moment in my life and and a very nice encouter with the pure roots of Yi-
Chuan or Ta Cheng Chuan. Above you see us both exchanging news and interesting stories. At left you can witness us with her daughter and son...both practicing Yi-Chuan and also in a medical way, as therapists. A nice family, a very interesting meeting with Wang Chang Chai's daughter and grandchildren in Beijing december 2003 and a good memory of this very special women in the martial arts.